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Dating on earth asianwiki

he's quite good & i luv this med drama but usually i'm not keen bc of the OR scenes but this has a diff vein, i luv the story of chang min & jin hee plus dr gook :) i'm now on epis 13 n i can't wait to finish this! thnx asianwiki for bringing kdrama infos in your wonderful site! but honestly I don't like oh chang min in this drama. She really need to check her script well before she agree to do anymore typical 'I'm a plain jane' character again. I like Lee Pil-Mo's "Chief of ER" character, but I don't know if that's enough to keep me watching this drama. I have watched around 50 kdrama but in 2013-14 it gave that feeling that used to be in dramas like BBF, Playful Kiss, Goong etc. It was unbelievable in the fact that they invested a strong, independent character to Jin-Hee and her actions for falling in love w/ Chang Min despite pushing him constantly and having feelings for Cheon-Soo was justified of her character. Hope to see Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo in another drama. Reconciliation and healing happened to Chief Cheon Soo and possible of make up for the lost time with Prof Sim Hye, What a happy and full of hope ending. chief can be with prof shin, dont u feel bad for her? Poor Chang Min..whatever the ending is im cool with it as long as they are all have good ending..

Someone said that Song Ji Hyo's representative work: Running Man. This drama (emergency couple) gain more popularity to... Jumong and goong are successfull drama also gyebaek. The lead actress is good while the rest of the cast does a decent job as well. I like oh jin hee and chief gook more, but it so sad that they not end up together. And I think many out of there want jin hee together with gook. If she wants to do a new project in acting, I really wish she would choose a more fierce and strong character and not the same 'oh she's not the type where guys would like' character again. What I meant to say it is one of that kdrama because of which you will want to watch more kdrama. I rather they leave the ending as an open-ending but of course, they wanted a happily-ever after for both the leads. How can you do that to him (he was my favorite character). she love chief so much that she would sacrifices her feeling for chief. Wow, extended by 1 episode is far good enough for me. However I am torn between the pairing, form JH-CM to JH-Chief. I am not for divorce but since this drama shows it, my only hope is that this drama will portray that will show hope for those couples who had divorce.

It was doomed to fail the first time since they were young and didn't have stable careers. Ahhhh I wish they would fix everything that went wrong and love each other again!!! oh.please dont let Prof Sim see it or else me myself would feel

Chang-Min also graduated from medical school and begins to work as an intern. I'm just finished this drama only 21 hours,,my heart feel so warn when i watched this..maybe thats why i cant stop to watched episode by episode until i spend my day just for Emergency Couple.. i miss chang min & jin hee plus dr gook & his ex doc g/friend! That was unexpected and hilarious XD @x not interesting enough for you to comment? Definitely interesting enough for you to waste your time and comment. I think both parties are at fault when they were divorce. Trust and understanding is really important in a relationship.

I keep on repeating the episodes because I'm already hooked with it. I can't wait to see the next episodes and I'm already hoping for an extension or perhaps part 2! Anyway, congratulations to the staffs, actors/actresses, director and scriptwriter for a good plot! hope that in the end Jin Hee will still like Oh Chang Min :) fighting Chang Min oppa :) just finished watching the last episode.. the love competition between Chang min and Chief Kook is going to be hot..

hope that in the end Jin Hee will still like Oh Chang Min :) fighting Chang Min oppa :) just finished watching the last episode.. the love competition between Chang min and Chief Kook is going to be hot..

Jin-Hee (Song Ji-Hyo) led a satisfying life as a dietitian. I hope my bias Song Ji Hyo will get married soon with her Monday Couple or Emergency Couple?

She then met medical school student Chang-Min (Choi Jin-Hyuk). hmm how should i put it, i'm not fan of medical drama and only watch a few. i hope the best eonni Tell me episode 21 was not the last thing ill see of this series .... I just felt like OJH got so soft in the middle of the drama and I liked her strong uptight character.

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If Chief Gook and Jin Hee start dating and suddenly he find out that the daughter is his and go back to Prof Sim it will be just urgh..please writer-nim.