Dating social events westchester ny

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Dating social events westchester ny

Unlike online dating sites and services, Alexander brings a personal touch to matchmaking.

Matchmaker Karenna Alexander comes to the rescue for locals who need serious help finding their soulmates.

As part of the Boot Camp, which ran throughout the fall, more than 50 Business and Civic leaders were first inspired by a panel of seasoned board members who presented the win-win of this level of volunteerism.

Then after two focused Nuts & Bolts sessions presented by content experts, the participants analyzed a list of nonprofits interested in meeting prospects.

The cost is a range, but it starts in the thousands and I typically enter into six- or 12-month contracts with clients.The ones who really think they are never going to find love. Then, when they find that person, it’s like they hit the jackpot. You’ll be asked to create a login and password (one password works for all groups).You can join with first name only or a nickname if you’re not comfortable revealing your true identity, though it is a good idea to upload a photo of yourself.

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It might seem scary to join a group of strangers, but events are usually held in public places like museums or coffee shops, so there’s a built-in safety element.