Dating union com

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Dating union com

A latent unpopularity of the union remained, however, and when James dropped his policy of a speedy union the topic quietly disappeared from the legislative agenda.

When the House of Commons attempted to revive the proposal in 1610, it was met with a more open hostility.

The Acts joined the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland (previously separate states, with separate legislatures but with the same monarch) into a single United Kingdom of Great Britain.William and Mary, whilst supportive of the idea, had no interest in allowing it to delay their enthronement.Impetus for this incorporating union came almost entirely from the direction of Scotland.In the 1690s, however, the economic position of Scotland worsened and the relations between Scotland and England became strained.By the 18th century, however, union became a significant matter on the political agenda.

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In the meantime, James declared that Great Britain should be viewed 'as presently united, and as one realm and kingdom, and the subjects of both realms as one people'.

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