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The most frequent type of harassment received by the participants was verbal harassment, followed by overanxiety regarding where they were and with whom, and free checking of their partner's cell phone records without permission from their partner.Female students were more likely to have checked the cell phone records of their partner without permission and of being afraid of their partner than male students.Although the numbers were small, there were reported instances of physical harassment, such as "I have beaten or kicked my boy/girlfriend" ( regardless of the participants' recognition of these experiences as harassment.

After obtaining informed consent, the participants completed an anonymous self-administered questionnaire.

In addition, their consultation and/or help-seeking behaviors were described with regard to IPV.

The findings of the present study will contribute to the establishment of educational and support programs to protect human rights and to facilitate healthy relationships with intimate partners among adolescents/youths.., the School of Medicine and School of Health Sciences) from a university in the capital city of one prefecture in Japan in October 2008.

There have been no clear surveys regarding dating violence in Japan.

On the other hand, there has been a rapid increase in early sexual debut among high school students and a high prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and induced abortion among teenagers, as well as a marked decrease in domestic use of condoms in Japan during the 1990s; these changes are thought to be due to the deterioration of human relationships between adolescents/youths and adults, including parents and teachers, and among adolescents/youths themselves [].

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Pearson's correlation coefficient and logistic regression analysis were used to assess the association between perpetration and being a victim of harassment.