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Dating woman judo

During three years Hori Utako was the best judoist.

Noritomi Masako, who entered Kodokan in May 1925 then wrote the popular book "Judo for women" which was republished many times.

Nonetheless, for a long time official female Judo championships were not held in Japan, which was famous by its conservatism.

The book by Irving Hancock "Physical training for women with Japanese methods" appeared to be the impetus for the development of women's Judo.

One of the Kano's students, Miyagavo Hisako founded her own school Sakuragako. In 1926 women's division was officially opened in Kodokan.

Kano always encourage women to practice Judo and often repeated, "If you want to really understand Judo watch a women's training".

But the Pope and Mussolini were against "female athletes not looking like women" and as a result, the league didn't have women.

When Tsuneo Matsudaira read his paper to the Japan Society of London on April 8, 1908, his words were accepted as true.

However, it is still worth investigating his "very few" exceptions. Jigoro Kano, the inventor of the sport of Judo was also a founder of female Judo.

But why not speak openly of its weak points instead of trying to hide them?

There is quite enough convincing proof of the grand results of even a moderate training in Ju-jitsu to allow of absolute honesty when arguing the question of its pros and cons. Roger [Emily] Watts, The World's Work and Play Magazine, August 1905 Emily Diana Watts started learning jujutsu around 1903.

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Kano's daughters didn't disgrace the honor of the family.

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