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Datingguideformen net

Or at least for that moment, they know that they’ve found the right one.

This is a cute one, men would rather be quiet than indulge in sexy talks.

If talking to the Sweaty Marathon Man wouldn't make you feel like handing over your phone number, then consider the second best chat-up line: "The Moonlight Sonata or, to give its true name, Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia.

A fittingly beautiful piece for a beautiful lady." Beautiful lady?

He has repeated the exact wording of the official best chat-up line of the modern age. British psychologists have completed a study with 200 female students to discover the finest words for wooing.

These saucy little bon mots were deemed the best to demonstrate a British man's education, wealth, athleticism and culture.

Not that they’re pressured to raise a family or anything like that.

But they’re pressured to get married at a time in their life when they’re young and good looking.

This seems a perfectly sensible plan for men who want to pull stupid lapdancers with no self esteem. Instead, suggest there's something you want to share with her, like a CD you talked about..." Or perhaps she might like to look at your etchings.

Imagine you're a single woman and a man approaches you with these words: "It's hot today, isn't it?

It's the best weather when you are training for a marathon." Should you, a) Smile kindly and assume that he is involved in some kind of care-in-the-community situation; b) Ignore the loser because he is making a rubbish pass at you; c) Be impressed and flattered.

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But when they do commit, they know that they’ve found the right one.

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Even if these words fell from the mouth of a Brad Pitt-George Clooney hybrid with the soul of Mr Darcy and the brain of T S Elliot, they would send me and every woman I know running from the room screaming - with laughter. Depressingly, the state of the modern chat-up line isn't the only sign that men have lost the ability to flirt with women.