David cassidy susan dey dating

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David cassidy susan dey dating

He was playing a concert in London’s White City Stadium in 1974 when a crowd of young people ran towards the stage, crushing 30 others in front of them.One of the individuals who was crushed was a young 14 year old girl named, Bernadette Whelan.After The Partridge Family ended, she went back to her normal life.She went to college, owned a bookstore, and had two daughters with her husband.Shirley was married to Jack Cassidy when she began acting and singing on The Partridge Family.Her success made Jack very jealous and caused their relationship to go down a negative spiral.She sadly passed away suddenly in 2015, and in loving memory all of her former acting friends came to her service.Dave Madden had an interesting life to say the least.

The Partridge Family is the all American television show that warmed critics and viewers’ hearts.Bernadette never recovered from her injuries and passed away four days later in the hospital, from cardiac arrest.Cassidy would later be asked about this incident and has stated that this specific situation will always haunt him.Brian Forster was the replacement actor who played youngest son Chris Partridge in The Partridge Family.Forster is the child of British film actor Peter Forster, step grandson of British acting legend Alan Napier, and the great great great grandson of one Charles Dickens. Once Brian became old enough to drive he became a stunt driver and even a professional race car driver!

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He was born in Canada but was raised in Terre Haute, Indiana.