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Other aspects of cocky/funny include: The “I’m messing with you,” vibe. Add these tools to your toolbox, and you’ll find yourself generating more and more attraction.The whole concept of teasing is connected to cocky/funny. but i think i already had a firm understanding of cocky comedy, so the program didn't really help me, but i still think its good to have all the programs, so i guess i'd rate it about 6/10, still a welcome edition. If you lean too much on funny, you'll come across as a clown. It is good to see guys who (reportedly) have their game down, and watch their delivery, body language, and so on. A quick review of the Cocky Comedy DVD series 1) How new or innovative is the product, or is it just a better rehash of existing products (for examing AM is a good product, but in the end is there anything really new there?

i would recommend David D to any newbies in this game and mystery's products to amateurs.” Good examples of cocky-funny lines are: “I realize you’re probably shy because you get no attention from men whatsoever, so I decided to come over and pay attention to you.” Or, if she says something clever, say, “Congratulations, that’s 5 points right there – and you needed them since you were at -16 before.” But more than a series of lines, cocky/funny is an attitude – it’s an attitude that says you don’t take anything she says or does too seriously.It means never giving her questions a straight answer, and never giving her a moment to catch up. Being cocky and funny means being willing to run with whatever pops into your head.Then several guys go through some of their routine that frankly I found to beneath my level of game (and folks, I ain't that good), and that's pretty much it.The coup de grâce was a disabled midget in a wheelchair discussing his success with women using David's methods, I was not sure if I wanted to laugh or feel sorry for the exploitation taking place.

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