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Denmark dating 2016

Read more about Shrovetide Many homes and shops are decorated for Easter in green and yellow, especially with new-leaved branches and daffodils. Read more about Easter As in many other countries, the Danes also tease each other with fictitious stories etc on 1 April.The tradition, which dates back to the 17th century, has also been adopted by the big mass media and on 1 April newspaper readers and television viewers must therefore be particularly alert.There are also May Day (Labour Day) and April Fools Day, where Danes tease each other with pranks and outlandish stories.In recent years, Danes have also started to embrace both Valentine´s Day and Halloween.When the liberation was announced in the 8.30pm BBC broadcast on , many Danes spontaneously placed lit candles in their windows.This became a custom that is still kept up by many Danes.The custom, which originally had a social purpose, comes from the USA.1 May is the international workers’ campaign and festival day and a holiday in many workplaces.

The tradition of placing candles on the graves the evening before All Saints’ Eve is becoming more common.

Hearts made of flowers, chocolate, pasta or cake are just a few examples of the available options.

Shrovetide is a children’s festival, they dress up – usually on Quinquagesima Sunday – and go around with their collection tins which they try to get filled with money.

In the early 1990s, the Danes began to celebrate Valentine’s Day as the great day of love, inspired by the American custom.

It is especially the young and people in love who use the day as an occasion to show their love for each other.

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Great Prayer Day is a special Danish festival falling on the fourth Friday after Easter Sunday, i.e.