Dobson and dating and touching liam padraic aiken dating

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Dobson and dating and touching

Martin decides to adopt Arthur as he thinks of him as a son.Bex takes Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) to school on her first day and when Louise has a fight, Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) collects her and the girl she had a fight with turns out to be Jay's girlfriend, Linzi Bragg.Sonia leaves Walford with Martin and Bex in February 2007.

Sonia persuades Martin not to tell Margaret that they have split up, but when the truth comes out, Margaret is furious and refuses to give Sonia guardianship of Bex.

After realizing that the situation may be his own fault, Martin decides to have Bex live with Sonia as she needs to spend more time with her mother, although Bex is more close to her father.

Martin starts a relationship with Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) and moves in with her and her daughter Lily Branning (Aine Garvey).

In 2005, Neil and Sue are killed in a car crash and Rebecca moves in with Sue's mother, Margaret Wilson (Janet Amsden).

Sonia reads about the crash in the newspaper and she and Martin, who are now married, are concerned for their daughter and decide to track her down to make sure she is well.

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Sonia tries to keep Bex quiet, but the truth comes out and Sonia is arrested following a row with Martin.

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