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Dobson and dating and touching

Martin plans to propose to Stacey and Bex gives him her blessing.

Stacey gives birth to a son, Arthur Brian Fowler, although unbeknownst to Martin, Arthur is not his son.

When Margaret has a fall and dies, Martin was given custody of Bex and his mother Pauline refuses Sonia access, causing many rows. On Christmas Day 2006, Pauline dies just before emigrating to America.

Bex saw Sonia slap Pauline before her death and believes that Sonia killed Pauline.

Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard), Martin's mother, demands to be part of Bex's life, causing upset.Martin decides to adopt Arthur as he thinks of him as a son.Bex takes Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) to school on her first day and when Louise has a fight, Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) collects her and the girl she had a fight with turns out to be Jay's girlfriend, Linzi Bragg.She is seen in October 2014 when Sonia discovers that she has been missing school to practice her guitar for music school with Charlie Cotton (Declan Bennett).Having arranged for Rebecca to appear at the Queen Vic, Charlie calls Sonia.

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She adopts a goth fashion style and insists on being referred to by her former name, Chloe before deciding to stick by the nick name of Rebecca which is Bex.

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