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Write a quiz that describes the feature, then players must name that feature from the multiple-choice list.(Presentation Tip: For lengthy sessions, you can break up your Powerpoint presentation by using a game show every hour or two to review key points and energize people. Wake everyone up with a staff trivia game show that features fun trivia facts about staff (hobbies, pet names, past achievements, etc.) Even a game with as few as three questions can provide a great morale boost and set an upbeat tone for the day.Meetings that introduce new products often involve learning lots of features and benefits.Motivate people to remember the details with a Name That Feature game show.

This draws your audience into an interactive experience.Quiz Bowl Team Prep — Sharpen your quiz bowl team's performance and attitude with the feel of a TV-style game show.The GOLD Level version in particular has many features for controlling buzzer interaction. you can use questions that are multiple choice or single-answer. — This game show concept is great for a school assembly or PTA fund-raiser.The online games and activities for eight year olds can be great fun for the entire family.Cheer your child on as (s)he plays Hoverbot Dodge, or help your eight year old find the answer to the puzzle in Hangman or Math Search.

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The free games for eight year olds provided here help kids develop important skills for school including cognitive skills like memory, hand-eye coordination and critical thinking.