Error updating view attempt to reopen an open container

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Error updating view attempt to reopen an open container

When you tried to publish a SAP HANA data source to Tableau Online using a live connection through Tableau Bridge, an unexpected error sometimes occurred, followed by "Data Source ...

v Realize Operations Manager 6.2 is the latest release of the VMware integrated v Realize Operations Suite.

Top of Page For guidance about installing and configuring v Realize Operations Manager, see the following guides.

Use a VMware v Sphere Client to connect to a VMware v Center Server, and deploy the v Realize Operations Manager virtual appliance through the v Center Server instance.

You can install and upgrade the standalone version of v Realize Operations Manager on the following operating systems: In addition to the VMware adapters (v Sphere, Endpoint Operations Manager, v Realize Operations Management Pack for Storage Devices, v Realize Log Insight, v Realize Configuration Manager, v Realize Infrastructure Navigator, v Realize Hyperic, v Realize Automation, and Horizon View), you can see the supported adapters here.

Tableau is actively supporting Google's investigation into this issue.

At this time, any Google Analytics data retrieved using Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, or Tableau Online is suspect.

Workaround: To ensure that the Rebalance Container action is available in your environment, you must add DRS.

Then, wait one collection cycle for the Rebalance Container action to appear.

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The tabcmd publish command with the --replace flag did not correctly clean up old extract files and frequent use could cause your Tableau Server machine to run out of disk space.