Error validating the digital signature of the updated manifest

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« Website » The is an infrastructure system developed by ARTPRECIUM with Internet-friendly information technology formats and comprising data of different kinds, including texts, sounds, fixed or moving images, videos, databases, available for the Client to visit, in order to get to know the Goods.

« User » The person who has created an account on the Internet.

To do so, the Client must fill out the relevant online form.

She/he must provide the following information: full identity, International Bank Account Number (IBAN), telephone number, valid email address and confidential and personal password, so that she/he can bid.

"SVV" Voluntary sales companies have replaced auction practices since the law changed on 10 July 2000 ARTICLE 4 - ACCEPTANCE AND OPPOSABILITY OF GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE The Client's registration to the Website cannot be submitted without prior consultation and acceptance of the Conditions of Sale which contain all obligations for the Parties.

When clicking on the box "I accept the general Conditions of Sale and Use of the website," the Client acknowledges that they have carefully read the Conditions of Sale, prior to the contract, which expressly represents having accepted them without restrictions.

« Good » Any Good listed in a catalogue that has been published online by ARTPRECIUM.Consequently, the Client acknowledges that they have been fully informed that their acceptance of the content of the Conditions of Sale does not require their handwritten signature on the document, insofar as they wish to place an online order for the services displayed on the The Client acknowledges that the Conditions of Sale are legally binding on him/her/his.« Bidder » Any Client that registers to the Website, in order to submit bids for Good(s) that he/she/he wishes to acquire.« Internet » Different server networks located in several places in the world that are connected together via communication networks and communicate one with another using a specific protocol named TCP/IP.

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« Party » Refers individually to the Client and/or ARTPRECIEUM and collectively to the Parties.

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