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A few things that would make it more useful:1) I want to be able to delete a camera from my favorites by swiping and confirming a deletion.

Right now I have a cam from Vancouver that I cannot get rid of (it's a dead cam).2) I want to be able to re-order my list of favorites.

“I think we should be quite worried,” said Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union.

But other then that amazing the best one is in Poland you get a amazing picture and see people actually live! :) A * I really like this application but there is one problem with it for exsample california death valley doesn't work a lot of things don't work and I wish they would get that fixed.“This commitment is reflected in the strong protections we have built around Face ID data—protecting it with the Secure Enclave in i Phone X—as well as many other technical safeguards we have built into i OS.” [ With the i Phone X, Apple is asking you to break up with the home button ] Indeed, Apple—which makes most of its money from selling us hardware, not selling our data—may be our best defense against a coming explosion in facial recognition.But I also think Apple rushed into sharing face maps with app makers that may not share its commitment, and it isn’t being paranoid enough about the minefield it just entered.It’s going to hit the fan when the face-mapping tech that powers the i Phone X’s cutesy “Animoji” starts being used for creepier purposes.And Apple just started sharing your face with lots of apps.

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That's the last time this app was updated for sure.

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