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, Mr yonesy How much do yon call a great quantity ? Mr Cowpcr, How long had flie lain there before yoa came ? Dr Sloaxc, I have not heard them very particularly or diftlnftly, becaufe of the great Crowd, fome of them I have.; Cafes of this kind are very uncommon, and none of them have fallen direftly under my own Knowledge.

Bowden^ Her mouth and nolh ih were very full of it. Bowden^ I believe I was rhcre in iialf an hour, as foon as I heard the report of it I went down Mr Covpr,-, Call Mr Shuw. As to my Opinion of drowning, it is plain, that if a great quantity of Water be fwallowed by the Gullet into tha Stomach, it will not fuf Focate nor drown the Perfon .

I doubt not, but that fome Water fell into her Lungs, becaufe the weight of it, wou'd force it felf down, but if we confide r the Wind-pipe with its rami- fications, as one Cylinder, the calculation of its contents will not amount to above 25 or 24 folid Inches of Wa- fer, which is not a Pint, and which might imperceptibly work and fail out. And fince that, I have kept i Correfpondence with him, and 1 believe he would not do fuch a thing for all the World. tlaifel^i Call fbme body to fpeak for Mr Ro^fr;, if there be any.

Mr Cowper, Now do you think It poflible to find water in a drowned Body after fix Weeks time.

Dr Sloane, I am apt to think if there was any quantity in the Lungs, the fponglnefs of the part would fuck up fome part of It.

As'to the quantity of Water, I do not think it neceflaiy it ftiou'd be very great. _ ^ i i Mr R^-rt^ 1 ^ave been acquainted with Mr Marfan zo Years, he lives near the Houfe where 1 now do; he has i -eneral good Charadter among his Neighbours, for a fair man in his Praftice, aft honeft man,and a man oi j-ood Converfation. Sir Robert Jufkt, 1 have known Mr Stevens many Years j his Brother is.

I muft own the Water will force it felf into all Cavities where there is no refiftance. Captain in a neighbouring Coun- ty, he is reckon'd not only an honefl: man in his rrad Vice, but has the general Charaflcr of a good-natur'd man j and he is fo far from being a Perfon likely to do fuch an Aftion, that for a younger Brother he was very well provided for j his Father left him looo/. Sir '^ohn Shav.\ I know Mr Stevens^ and his Brother Captain Stevens : As to this Gentleman, he hath al- ways behav'd himfelf well in our Country, and hath the Gharafler of an horieft Gentleman.

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I reniembor I oifer'd a Wager ac Caraways Coffee-Houfe, to a Gentleman here in Court. Hatfei/, Pray Dottor tell us your Opinion as to what the Seaman faid, and alfo to v. JAt Evan Sy My Lord, Mr Rogers hath a general Charafter in Sauthvfarl^^ for a very honefi man. Sir, pleafe to give m^ Lord and the Court an Account what you know of me.