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His father, King Odysseus, had set off to fight along with fellow Greeks in the Trojan War.

After the war, all the Greeks who did not perish during the battles had made it back to their homelands, with the exception of Odysseus.

[tags: Literary Analysis ] - A common piece of everybody’s vocabulary today is a word used in various contexts with little understanding to comprehend what it really means. [tags: Psychology ] - Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein shows the progression of maturity in many characters seen in the book.

The fact of the matter is it might be the perfect time for me in my life to get this maturing done and learn from the past and move on, Sometimes the mind can be the best medicine we have; it always seems to let us know when we have done wrong....- The novel strictly surrounds the topic of maturity through trial and error. The ordeals mainly surround two of the main characters, John and Lorraine.It shows the mistakes they have made and how they resolve and handle them.The monster lacks nurture and self-control and is emotionally disordered (Brown 148).... Latley however it has been reality that has struck me in the face; reality sets in and I have realized this laziness that has plagued me needs to come to an abrupt halt.These realizations have been brought to my attention not by my parents, nor teachers, but instead my own self conscience.

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