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I opened it - to check that I wasn't in trouble - and it was a letter to all parents saying: 'We are going to be giving sex education classes - do you object? I love my mum, but the thought of her trying to tell me about sex is awful.She would try to lighten the mood by turning it into a joke and I would be sitting there cringeing.Either they are trying to re-live their own youth, or they are trying to be cool.Whatever the motives, I can't think of anything more hideous. If she did walk in one day and start a conversation about sex, then of course I would talk to her.Talking about sex is talking about emotions and we usually end up laughing. Sometimes Sophie says she doesn't wish to discuss something, and I accept it, but I believe everything should be an open book.Sex lives aren't always straightforward and, sometimes, if things aren't working out in the bedroom it can be useful to discuss this with your mother, who has probably already been through it with a partner.Actress Keira Knightley has revealed that she had frank discussions with her playwright mother about sex.

She's a proper mother and I know my boundaries with her.

But I think that very thought fills her with as much dread as it does me.

Mum believes it isn't her place to ask about my sex life.

' We often talk about relationships and I know she thinks I pry too much into her life.

At times we are more like friends - but this definitely does not extend to sharing intimacies about sex.

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The next day, although I didn't really understand it, I told the boys in my class that it didn't matter that they might have a small penis, because as long as they could be funny, girls would always like them.