Ftm dating straight women

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Ftm dating straight women

Perhaps because we, as cis people, aren't used to experiencing such slights on a daily basis, we tend to be quicker to go on the defensive.I am the first to climb atop my soapbox when I believe someone has slighted my spouse.And that usually means that our orientation hasn't changed, even if our partner's gender has.Certainly, one's attraction can evolve over time, and falling in love with a trans person may well expand your own understanding of gender and sexuality — but I've yet to meet a person whose own orientation changed solely on the basis of their partner's gender identity. I know us partners of trans* folks don't have a lock on loneliness, but after giving your high school besties the umpteenth recap of Trans 101, some of us just stop talking to friends who don't "get" our relationship.It never has been, and it's always been important to us both to be out and open. But being the partner of someone who is part of a minority community that, at best, is enjoying some supposedly newfound "fascination" focus in the media has its own set of challenges.These are just a few of those challenges I've encountered, and heard reflected back from other women partnered with trans men: 1.

So I get inordinately worked up and ready to defend my partner's honor, even when he would rather just go about his day, letting whatever slight it was roll off his back. (Then again, if there were, this cis woman wouldn't be privy to that group.) Consequently, as The Good Men Project correctly asserted, not all trans people know each other.

But I know partners of trans men who identify as lesbians, cis girls partnered with trans men who identify as straight, and, well, just about every other pairing under the sun.

For most of us, our sexual orientations were fixed in our own minds before we met our partners.

But I'd be lying if I said there weren't several occasions where I've thought I was meeting someone for the first time, only to realize that I've crossed paths with them — or their trans* partner — before.

(Admittedly, this might say more about the queer social bubble I hang out in than about partners of trans folks generally.) 3. Unless we've invited you to be a part of our sexy times, I don't have any interest in offering you a play-by-play of how my spouse and I get down.

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