Google maps mobile real time updating

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Google maps mobile real time updating

The feature could help professionals more effectively get to work on time, regardless of the traffic that day.At the bottom of a map, the user can swipe up to reveal three tabs: Explore, driving, and transit.The good news is that an update rolled out for the i OS app this week brings the same real-time functionality to the i Phone, a small but welcome tweak that makes the software even more useful.Google makes use of anonymized data from people’s smartphones to work out how crowded a particular business is, and then pushes it to the app so potential visitors can check ahead to work out the best time to go.

It can, for example, tell you food delivery times for a local restaurant, opening hours for the pharmacy within a drugstore or supermarket, or service hours at the auto store.You can grab the update from the App Store here, or by hitting the App Store on your i Phone and tapping on the Updates tab bottom left.It’s not enough to know where you’re going — you want to know how to get there in the most efficient manner possible.Google Maps will soon let users on Android and i OS share their real-time location with friends, family, and colleagues — all while trying to keep a mindful eye on privacy.When the feature rolls out “soon worldwide,” you’ll be able to slide out the side menu or just tap the blue dot marking where you are and choose “share location.” From there, you choose who you want to be share your precise location with and for how long. There’s also an “until you turn it off” setting, in which case Google will go as far to email you reminders that you switched it on.

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Even if avoiding crowds is impossible, live updates should be better at reflecting unusual peaks over busy shopping periods.

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