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Gujarati and closely related languages, including Kutchi and Parkari Koli, can be written in the Arabic or Persian scripts.This is traditionally done by many in Gujarat's Kutch district.Furthermore, words used by the native languages of areas where the Gujarati people have become a diaspora community, such as East Africa (Swahili), have become loanwords in local dialects of Gujarati.Similar to other Nāgarī writing systems, the Gujarati script is an abugida.

Below is a table of a few Gujarati tadbhav words and their Old Indo-Aryan sources: tatsama, "same as that".These two prime political figures of the Indian subcontinent in the 20th century were Gujaratis and native speakers of the Gujarati language.For Jinnah, Gujarati was important only as mother tongue.The Svetambara pontiff, Sri Dharmadasagaî, lived in the mid-6th century.The Old Gujarati prose commentary was written in 1487.

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Kutchi is often referred to as a dialect of Gujarati, but most linguists consider it closer to Sindhi.

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