Harry potter and ron weasley dating popular dating chat romms

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Harry potter and ron weasley dating

So he couldn't get a job and therefore had no coworkers to spend time with during the day.

Our friends, though, have jobs and went out and dated.

He'd met his date in the bookshop and blushed every time me, Seamus, Dean or Neville mentioned the possibility of him finally getting shagged.

So yeah, I stepped up, made the conversation happen. Friendship's important to me and I'll put in my share of the effort even when I know it can't be returned in kind. "So I made my excuses about an early practice, real subtle and all so as not to be rude, and tore out of there as fast as my legs could take me.

Plus, I was too disturbed not to tell and I sure as hell wasn't going to tell Hermione. Hermione had moved on pretty quickly, of course, to guys more interested in academics than me. I burst through our floo, Harry took one look at my spooked face, and the moment his eyebrows knitted in question I blurted out the whole story.

We'd been through the war together in a way no one else could understand, but it only took a couple weeks of her asking me in exasperated tones how it was possible for me to not care about spell theory after all we'd been through and me asking her in exasperated tones how it was possible for her to not care about after all we'd been through to make us realize that we functioned best with Harry…Whoa, not like that! Truthfully, I couldn't get too annoyed when Harry got a laugh out of it.

I figured it reminded him that dating wasn't just dinner and tender lovemaking for the rest of us, which was exactly what Harry dreamed it was, being Harry. Like, worse than unknowingly trying to lose your virginity to a dominatrix bad.

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He liked her, thought she was friendly (not even in the eyebrow waggling way Seamus suggested).

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