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Hsv2 male female ratio dating

I was originally diagnosed with HSV1 by means of an IGG test ( 2.90) in Dec., 2011. Can't I assume that the low value positive Ig G results were false, and that the negative values of the far more accurate Western Blot test are accurate?Retested positive again with an IGG blood test ( 2.70) in April, 2012. (2) Even when using safe sex practices, what is the risk of HSV2 transmission (my partner is HSV2 positive) between us through viral shedding? I would like to be able to understand and define my current status. It's low risk that you have hsv1 but you can't confirm it 100% unfortunately. unfortunately there isn't a clear answer for future partners.

It has yet to tell me that "without a doubt" my knight in shining armour is on his way to rescue me.. Are you afraid to tell a potential partner that you are infected? Are you afraid you can spread this to someone else?But as I once remarked to the diagnosing physician who flippantly told me that having HSV 1 & 2 is no big deal, I replied, "That's great to know! This is standard operating procedure, even after it has been established through the medical community that HSV1 and 2 are steadily on the rise and that most carriers are ASYMPTOMATIC.And so by this professional practice we only can expect the numbers of cases to grow.

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I went through a divorce in Fall of 2011 and had learned that my spouse was quite sexually active outside the marriage. Two more questions: (1) I'm a little unclear when you say I "couldn't get clear answers for HSV1." I did get conflicting test results (positive, low-value Ig G results and negative Western Blot sero results), but why then do I.

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