Huggable sites dating

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Huggable sites dating

Would it be strange to reach out to them (separately) for a networking meeting?

They are both new to the area and looking for work.

Should I block him, reply to him that I’m married, ignore him?

If this has happened to any of your readers, I’ll love to hear how they handled it.

I also have perspective on how their resume and interview was perceived by our hiring committee.

(I would personally find it incredibly helpful to get feedback on how I present myself in job search situations.) I think you can absolutely do this as long as you’re clear about what the purpose of the meeting is.

But instead of speculating and worrying, why not just ask her?

I thought that the other two candidates were very talented and qualified and, being in a specialized industry, it was great to meet new professional peers.

I felt like I identified with them on a personal and professional level, more than I do with my current peer colleagues.

But otherwise, I’d instead wait for a clearer opportunity to raise it — such as if you’re asked to give feedback for her evaluation, or if an opportunity develops organically in conversation with her.

That might never happen, of course — but if you have decent rapport with her, I could imagine relationships and contexts where it would be reasonable to say, “Hey, when you’re so visibly upset about a work issue, it really rattles the team.

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