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Internet dating slang meanings

The British equivalent to the American ‘parking lot’ or ‘parking garage’.For example, ‘I left my car in the car park this morning.’‘Cheers’ doesn’t quite have the same meaning that it does in other counties – of course, it still means ‘celebrations’ when toasting a drink with some friends, but in British slang, it also means ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’.As such, you can use it like this, ‘That bob is a good bloke.’You probably don’t need me to describe this, out of all British slang, this is by far the most popular and most commonly used.In the past it was regarded as a swearword but now, due to its common usage, it is generally acceptable. ’The first form of this is far more common, and is sometimes used internationally.For example, ‘Cheers for getting me that drink, Steve’.Chuffed is used more or less all over the UK, it seems to be decreasing in popularity, but is still in relatively common usage.

For example, ‘I’m going away for a fortnight to Egypt for my summer holiday.’‘Gobsmacked’ – a truly British expression meaning to be shocked and surprised beyond belief.

For example, ‘The birthday party went all to pot when the clown turned up drunk and everyone was sick from that cheap barbecue stuff.’‘Blimey’ is used as a way of expressing surprise at something, often used when seeing or looking at something surprising or impressive instead of shocking or upsetting. ‘Blinding’ is a positive term meaning excellent, great, or superb.

For example, ‘That tackle from the Spanish player was blinding.’Bloke is an extremely common term denoting a man, usually it is used in reference to an ordinary man, akin to the US ‘average joe’, but it it not uncommon to hear it used to describe a man generally.

The phrase comes from the expression, ‘it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’.

For example, ‘You need to wear a coat today, it’s brass monkeys outside.’‘Brilliant’ is not a word exclusively in the British lexicon, but has a very British usage.

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It is often used as an expression of anger or is used to emphasize a comment. For those unaware, the expression essentially used in the end of a series of basic instructions.

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