Invalidating a session using session id

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Invalidating a session using session id

Brute force attacks are those in which the attacker is trying to gain access to the system by making repeated requests using different credentials (until one works).

The most common example is of an attacker who tries guessing a user password.

It will also protect against developer errors such as using the wrong random number generator function (e.g.

the not so random method every system offers alongside the strong method).

Someone asked: why does the Express session middleware add a hash suffix to the session id cookie? But first the obligatory disclaimer: like any security advice from someone who doesn’t know the specifics of your own system, this is for educational purposes only.

Security is a complex and very specific area and if you are concerned about the security of your system you should hire an expert that can review your system along with a threat analysis and provide the appropriate advice.

Just like strong random session ids, the hash size must match the security requirements of the specific application it is meant to protect.

This is because at the end, the session cookie is still just a string and open to guessing attacks.

IP address) it would be hard to tell the difference in a large scale system.

The session cookie acts as a bearer token — whoever shows up with the token is considered to be the authenticated user.

Setting a session cookie removes the need to enter your username and password on every page.

This is why passwords should be long and avoid using dictionary words to make it harder to guess.

Properly designed systems keep track of failed authentication requests and escalate the issue when it appears an attack is in progress.

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