Ipw2200 needs updating

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I did not have to add the "acpi=off" boot parameter to stop the installation freezing).Added : There's a very useful collection of tips and links relating to Fedora 9, by Gregory R.Having the same serious problem in two releases (F8 and F9) is inexcusable.Nvidia driver for F9 My desktop uses an NVidia VGA graphic card (Ge Force 6200).Select Preferences in the menu, then click on Audio. I ended up with 'default driver' for the first two and 'pcm' for the third, without understanding anything about what I was doing.

It worked well while I was running FC 6, and works with Fedora 8 on my laptop.I often use windows and tabs too keep hold my working memory (papers partly read, things still to be read, etc.).Normally I hibernate (using SWSUSP 2) and resume instead of shutting down and rebooting, so Firefox keeps its state. with a new graphic driver I have to kill X11 and that means killing Firefox.So beware if you run F9 and don't use Network Manager: it will run anyway by default and may screw some things up.Pulse Audio problems again Unfortunately, as with F8 on my laptop, I found I could not get sound to work at all (using an old but adequate Soundblaster card).

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