Its lunch dating service

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Its lunch dating service

They recently lost two branch managers within a month.

It's unfortunate because all the managers are really good, friendly and helpful.

The matchmaking process is told to us, but when we look at the history of clients, things don't line up with the dialogue we use to sell the product.

This lack of confirmed information on what we are selling is the number one reason so many very good sales reps do not do well with this job.

Everything about what you're selling is a mystery.Granted, the computers they provide are about 10 years old or more so it should not be a surprise that their systems are out of date.Hot leads are distributed according to performance.The understanding of the type of career your entering and not a job is imporrtant to success.Understand when a type of sales is not for you which is why the training $$$ is so low.

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In conference call, you never know who is speaking.

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