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Jain dating

Gandhi famously once said, “My Life is My Message,” and thus the youth of this convention were consistently encouraged to reflect on their actions, their thoughts, their words, and their life to fulfill not only the duties of Jainism, but the duties that reflect on humankind.The convention strove to nurture the leaders of tomorrow to carry the teachings of Jainism into their future, be it religiously oriented or not.Our goal is to provide a matrimony portal that can fulfill all the needs of user in efficient way.Our technical team has come so far by putting great efforts while developing this site.It was evident that great preparation had been accomplished by the YJA Convention Committee, and formality and organization pervaded the convention itself as well.Attendees wore business casual attire during the daytime sessions, and were required to follow a rigorous schedule that combined ample time for eating and socializing with 5 or 6 intense, one and a half hour speaker sessions per day.There were scarcely any moments of idle wandering on the part of the convention attendees from the hours of AM to 10 PM, as the well-structured schedule demanded it be so.Each morning began with yoga and meditation classes, followed by lectures, keynote speakers, and evening performances.

This evolution was spoken of in a number of ways: the evolution of the religion into a major force in the lives of young Americans, the evolution of the youth into the business, service, and health professionals of the future, and the evolution of the spirit of Jainism into a philosophy of truth for thousands of young Americans.We have provided great features that user can use to find his life partner.We have created nice interface and also introduced few new features first time.This gathering was centered on one large mission: “ to be a forum for education, dialogue, and debate for the Young Jains of America.The YJA was founded in 1991 as a chapter of JAINA (Jain Associations in North America), and as a joint venture with the Jain Center of Boston’s Convention Committee.

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As in past conferences, participants were separated into three age categories: high school, college, and post-college.

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