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Add to these dizzying bullet points approximately a zillion other improbable career choices, and you could make the case that Franco, 37, is the most productive man in pop culture. He plays a wealthy theater impresario called Fry, with just two lines in this scene, 14 words in all.

Yet from the moment the fists start flying, Franco is the most transfixing thing onscreen – he radiates Fry's arrogance, impatience and power with little more than some tiny shakes of the head and quick, disdainful glances.

In a makeshift dressing room directly above them, James Franco hears the ruckus through the floorboards and smiles as a young woman combs pomade into his hair.

He thumbs the enormous handlebar mustache riding his upper lip. "So I'm sorry if it's making me talk funny." made by a group of grad students; Franco, their professor, is about to act in a scene.

One wears a white blouse with lace detailing; the other, a black frock and a gloppy stripe of blood down her face.

They brawl in a stone-walled chamber, as gamblers in waistcoats and top hats cheer them on, like .

She cocked her head to get a better viewpoint and applauded a lot during his speech and giggled at his jokes.In a 2016 interview with “If your definition of gay and straight is who I sleep with, then I guess you could say I’m a gay c–k tease,” he added.“It’s where my allegiance lies, where my sensibilities lie, how I define myself.” Franco often deals with the rumors in inventive ways but doesn’t take them personally or take legal action, the way most actors might consider.There's no armada of climate-controlled Star Waggons out front; no brigade of PA's.In other words, this isn't at all the kind of set where you'd expect to find a world-famous movie star – except that James Franco isn't like other movie stars.

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The actor will now make his directorial debut with a screen adaptation of William Faulkner's classic novel As I Lay Dying. Read Full Story Ahna O' Reilly is an actress who has appeared in mostly independent films, and she's been with actor boyfriend James Franco since 2006 when they worked together on the movie Good Time Max.

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