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James sutton dating

He graduated in 1880 and earned a law degree from the University of Michigan in 1884.

It was also in 1884 that he married Adda Prothero, whose father was president of the First National bank—the same position once held by James Sutton.

When I returned from college, however, Breezedale was like a soul reborn: a model of Victorian antiquity, proudly asserting its presence and now hard to miss.

The house, in the process of physical transformations, seemed to have taken on a spirit of its own—not that of its mythical ghost but a spirit of history and her story that somehow embodies the life of a town and its nearly forgotten people, obscured behind the haze of time.

As inherently shaped by their turn-of-the-century world as the Suttons were by the Victorian era, the Elkins sought livelier, more modern look for the mansion.

Fashioned according to the popular Italianate style of the late Victorian era, the mansion was heavily papered and carpeted in rich patterns and colors.

In 1853, James established the Indiana Strawboard Mill, later known as the Indiana Paper Mill Company.

He later became president of the First National Bank of Indiana and helped bring the Pennsylvania Railroad to Indiana from Blairsville in 1856.

James Sutton (1815-1870) was a prominent businessman and financier in nineteenth-century Indiana.

With his brother, John, for whom John Sutton Hall is named, James made his first venture into business with the J & J Dry Goods Store, a mercantile establishment which the brothers jointly owned.

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