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Letsgetdating com

Yet there’s an air of mystery surround- ing the stuff that can make it a bit intimidating for beginners.

Most people will enjoy Highlands or Lowlands style scotches.

CHEAT SHEET: CIGAR PAIRING Jay Kazlow, president, chief operating officer and partner at Dantanna’s and Buckhead Cigar Lounge, shares his tips for pairing scotch with cigars.

Both Isles and Islay use more peat in the distillation process, so theirs lean heavier and maltier—brands include Lagavulin and Tobermory.

TIMELINE1939Timely Comics, renamed Atlas Comics in the 50s, is founded in New York.

Since its beginning in 15th century Scotland, it has become the choice beverage for the culture’s manliest men (and also off-the-wall characters like Ron Burgundy).

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