Lloydminster cam chat

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Lloydminster cam chat

In spot with dry ice under snow, in 5 hrs, had 3" of flood water on the ice. 14" ice, trucks venturing just 'off shore' to park.

Took a while to find a good spot to cross even with sleds. With a truck, I personally would never attempt that crossing. we got 12 lb and 17 lb there 2 weeks ago i troll around 1.6 to 2.2mph depending of wind and i like to do a S shape to speed up one side and slow down the other and i was there for 6 days last week and blue and purple were really good 5 of Dimond got the job done too depth 80 to 105 fow good luck Just visiting the area for a month but would like to fill some days fishing. Looking for places not at the marina or busy areas. Any tips on what small spots to go to would be great thanks. Obviously there are a lot of us that want to create change and if we go about it properly we just might. I didn't venture any further although tthere was tracks. Very slow to nothing biting around French Bay Jan 21-22. Fairly smooth trail between Prov Park and east point of the bay but going north, encountered very rough ice heaving. I also understand that big fish are easy preys to fishing nets as well, and don't tell me you didn't see them out there. Ice Report: 14 in Center bay and French bay had anywhere from 18-20inches on it. I checked ice North East of pp point about 400 yards out onto the main lake and found a spot with 14". Make sure you know where you are going if you bring a trailer. If you walk down the trail to the picnic table you can fish there but you have to walk out into the water to avoid getting snagged on the rocks. Booked some time off work to head up to cold lake from Calgary along with some buddies from Regina. bruno27, we obviously don't fish for the same purpose you and I.Anybody know the snow conditions on the north end right now? Trying our last attemp at Cold Lake tomorrow before the long trek home. 28" of ice pretty much everywhere, right to base of auger. New to cold lake just got sent here for three months and don’t have any transportation. Was hoping someone on here that lives near or on the base would be kind enough to bring me along with them one weekend for a day of fishing? I was hoping to try this lake for the first time when I get back from visiting family. At any point in time on Cold Lake, Marie Lake...there are hundreds of fishermen/women catching and releasing on average 10 fish a day. You get the guys like me who wants a fish to eat, and let them keep a 3 lb fish and you may not see me there for weeks.Truck broke down was wondering how much snow was on the ice and if the little SUV can make it out was there a couple weeks ago and there was about 6" thanks in advance Out at Cold Lake our first time here from Calgary. If anyone has any tips or even some advice to send me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated my email is [email protected] landed a nice 9 lb 26" laker at in 160' of water and had nothing until losing two back to back at noon in 80' after moving and exploring. 30 trucks out and about all the way to sask border side NEED 4WD for sure, top layer of ice/snow is crusty and ROUGH, few guys got stuck driving to far east side this morning for over an hour. i do this trip every year and end up posting results and what worked and what didnt including depths and bait/lures but ive never given out location or asked for any help finding out peoples honey holes, so gear down bud, its an open question that ive helped people before so dont be a d**k Out here right now. It been a huge goal for me to fish this lake for the last few years but I haven't got a chance, was wondering if anyone could help me out on where to go and what to use. My point is that is that the rules are economically focused and are fitting only a minority of us. What kind of management is that if I am allowed to unintentionally kill 50 lakers a day or walleye in several other lakes for that matter just to ensure the trophy hunters can catch uneatable monsters.

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Very subtle jigging to deadsticking was the way to catch that day. Was just at cabelas in edmonton and they have 2 or 3 12 inch frabill auger extensions in the bargain bin section at north side of store. I fished last weekend and pretty sure without the extension the base of the auger would be on the ice.