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Fished Feb 5/6 on the marina side, easy acess, verry little snow and about 14-16" ice every we drilled. If you can sled your stuff out to the depths you want it was a great place to drive on, unload, etc.

I solid bite in 2 days only, fishing was very slow. It was my first time trying the provincial park this weekend.

In spot with dry ice under snow, in 5 hrs, had 3" of flood water on the ice. 14" ice, trucks venturing just 'off shore' to park.

Its a great way to promote hatcheries, but with the monies all of us put into boats, gears, licences... but if everyone start keeping the smaller one it wont be any better none will make it to 75 cm just wait an other 4 to 5 years and there will be lot of 75 cm plus just a harder couple next year that all I love the lake for fishing for lake trout but size limit is to large I have been out on the lake my arms got sore from reeling them in but not one keeper so I stopped going to the lake someone has to change the size limit back down to 65 cms that extra 10 cm is to much we should be keeping the little ones & let the breeders go Bruno27, we did very well lots of fish and some good ones, everyone was fishing the 60 ish foot mark and getting some but not keepers, we fished the bottom hard pulling them right off bottom, going up and down over the structures, fished the Williams whitefish honey comb blue, silver and red or anchovies in holders all without flashers and those two were the most successful okay thank you for the feedback and if they want a better lakers population just make it illegal to net the lake it gonna help and it almost look like they want to make it a trophy lake anyway i will keep trying Hey bruno27. I have been online and according to responses, early morning is best for Lakers, but from my handle, what the hell do I know lol.

For you guys fishing at the mouth of cold river, are you driving across the lake? Ice is pretty much too thick for a standard auger now. Caught 19 lakers between the 4 of us although 2 of the guys only got 1 each. I started I 110 ft did ok but then moved to 60 ft and did remarkably better!!

Was up there on the weekend and had 2" left on the auger. Access is good at marina and provincial park with 4x4 as there is a big bump and extremely icy hill at PP . I threw a variety of lures at them but the white 5" tube was the go to for myself.

Saw a few small pools of water could have been from rain though. Guys I know were at French Bay on weekend and managed to get by weed beds and hammer pike all day. Coming to coldlake mar 20 would like to bring my iceshack trailer an stay on ice for 5 days driving 7 hours would greatly appreciate knowing if you can drive around or what the snow an ice cond are like Went out for the morning for the first time ever to try for lake trout through the ice and caught 5 lakers, two 3lbrs, two 8lbrs and a 10 lbr. I had luck bouncing buck tails off bottom too Thinking of coming here on March 7 wondering if this is a good time to come? Was told mid Jan was the best time, came out here then and caught 5 fish total in 4 days of fishing between 5 people and 2 of them caught nothing.

If traveling to cold lake don't fish getting here and not being able to fish. Look for the village Fished all day Saturday and Sunday. He's a fanatic an central ab has been majorly mismanaged an hard to get a good perch fishing day in.

Went out with Jerry from its-a-keeper tours (awesome guy), hooked a few in the morning bite, fishing slowed a bit lots of fish on the flasher but none taking the bait, moved spots and got on the fish again. Out on May 31 and lakers would not stay off my line. There has to be a solution such as slot sizing or tagging to limit the amount we take home rather than just making it very difficult.

Took a while to find a good spot to cross even with sleds. With a truck, I personally would never attempt that crossing. we got 12 lb and 17 lb there 2 weeks ago i troll around 1.6 to 2.2mph depending of wind and i like to do a S shape to speed up one side and slow down the other and i was there for 6 days last week and blue and purple were really good 5 of Dimond got the job done too depth 80 to 105 fow good luck Just visiting the area for a month but would like to fill some days fishing. Looking for places not at the marina or busy areas. Any tips on what small spots to go to would be great thanks. Obviously there are a lot of us that want to create change and if we go about it properly we just might.

Reeled in to reset bait and downrigger and found a 10 incher on my hook (didn't notice it because of downrigger) that had bite marks that almost reached gill plates. anyway that what i think and net fishing is the biggest joke ever the government should grow some ball and shut them down they ruin all the lakes for us and i got stuck on a lost net by the marina this spring .i like catching lot of lakers so that why i go to cold lake but im being smart about it i only target fish around 70 and above otherwise there chance to survive are really limited anyway that what i got told .

First bite I hooked a fatty and lost in about 5 seconds. If every person that wants change contacts them at [email protected] then they have no choice but to listen. you for sure know i lot more about fish that i do and i fully apologize for my comment i dont wanted to be rude at all and i do not fish for trophy i go to cold lake because lakers are my favorite specie to fish .i agree with you would be fun to be able to keep smaller fish to eat because those 75 cm plus do not taste that great but on the other hand i spend about 15 to 2p days fishing on cold lake and its common to see 30 boats on the water so if every one start keeping smaller trouts the laker wouldnt be able to keep up with the pressure.

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