Men and emotions dating Dublin girls amateur sex pics

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Men and emotions dating

Patience and understanding is needed to make it work with this guy.While at times this can seem harmless and endearing; there are times where it’s not exactly what you probably signed up for.If he’s hurt; he will give you the silent treatment with the arms crossed; just like a little kid.To avoid seeing these sides of him; just be mindful of what may set him off if you can possibly pull it off.Unfortunately the Gemini is known for playing head games with ladies he gets involved with.

For the women that are not comfortable not knowing what their man is thinking or what he wants; this could be a rough match.

The good news is; he doesn’t get mad all that often.

He’s laid back most of the time and so unless you push the wrong button; you may be alright.

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What I mean by this is that Gemini men can act like children when they are angry.

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