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While Michael Vick is going through having to settle with Sonya on giving her herpes, if you look on the Hollywood herpes tree shows that Derek Jeter is on a herpes spreading spree.He has affected 18 people's lives that we know of and countless people we don't.

There are many celebrities who have given others herpes to others like the lawsuit with Robin Williams, Liza Minnelli didn’t tell her husband till after they were married which played a role in their divorce, and now Michael Vick.

Sonya Elliott and Michael Vick came up with a resolution but it wasn’t disclosed to anyone.

Vick has gone for treatment under a different name so no one would know under the name “Ron Mexico”. The reason for this question is because Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees has given herpes to 5 famous people that we know of and who knows how many women we don’t know of.

Stacey and Chris Chambers, a retired wide receiver for Miami, are happily married and expecting their second child.

Megan is married to a professional basketball player who plays overseas in Turkey while she lives in Miami with the couple’s two daughters.

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