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Tiana knows me like the back of her hand -- she took the time to get to know me and knows exactly the kind of person I would be a match for. Model quality introductions is the only dating agency I've ever tried. I have worked with Tiana Belle since and have developed an incredible rapport.I was nervous at first, but Sheila and Vanessa took there time to understand what I was looking for. After my initial skype interview with Craig, he flew out an associate to interview me in person. I have been introduced to several very classy ladies. Although they do not exchange pictures, I have not been disappointed upon meeting anyone.I left that meeting with a feeling that someone finally understood me. So far everything is going great and I really have to thank MQI for introducing me to ladies that are so well suited for me. I've been an MQI girl for the past couple years and all I can say is this is a wonderful company who gets to know the girls and who truly wishes for the girls and their clients to find love. I love the mystery behind the blind dating and have met some really amazing men! You may hear stories like what I'm about to share and think; "No way, it couldn't have been that easy." But the truth is, it was.

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