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Bar tenders: The major problem with this lot when it comes to the dating game, is the fact that when men see a bar maid, they see sex. The narrative does not change much when it comes to singing in humans, especially in the context of pop culture, and especially so for male musicians.

Accountants: Accountants are known for meaning business all 24 hours of their days, and seven days of their week.On your own, what you think is malaria, or something just as serious, might make you rush to the hospital only to be told you are seriously bloated!However, if you have a phobia for medicine, clinics and anything to do with sickness really, then stay away from doctors.While journalists and tour operators move a lot in the course of their duties, the bane of the seasoned policeman is to obey job transfer orders from their superiors as frequently as they come.Today a cop is stationed at Kacyiru Police Post, tomorrow they are in Nyamata and a few months later, they shift to Nyabihu District.

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If anything, it would be wise of you to demand for receipts upon every purchase that you make, be it toothpicks, sanitary tissue, doughnuts, or Ndi Umunyarwanda sweets for the little ones.

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