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Soon, some of the poorest people are locked out of marriage and family-raising entirely. Marriage is, they say, a human right, and to see it forcibly denied the poor by foreign speculators is nothing less than an abomination.They demand that the King provide every man enough money to guarantee he can buy a tulip.There’s no evidence whatsoever that American doctors gain anything from those three extra years of undergrad. Why is having a philosophy degree under my belt supposed to make me any better at medicine?(I guess I might have acquired a talent for colorectal surgery through long practice pulling things out of my ass, but it hardly seems worth it.) I’ll make another confession.

Ireland is one of the approximately 100% of First World countries that gets better health outcomes than the United States.

Meanwhile, across the river is another little kingdom that had the same tulip-related marriage custom.

They also had a crisis when the Dutch merchants started making the prices go up.

Some objections are raised: won’t it deplete the Treasury?

Are we obligated to buy everyone a beautiful flawless bulb, or just the sickliest, grungiest plant that will technically satisfy the requirements of the ritual?

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