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Here is another problem that I consider to be more serious.

One advantage of inefficient dating markets is that in times of scarcity we sometimes take chances on things we wouldn't otherwise try.

Sure, there is the breakup drama, but online dating markets mean you won't have to suffer that drama sitting home watching sad movies; you can find a replacement within days.

I agree that those are two of the problems with online dating markets, but they are really just the tip of the iceberg.

Within minutes my hobby and been radically transformed.

It leads to stasis, both for individuals and for relationships and (turning my music example into a metaphor) it leads to music that is predictable and unexciting. Online markets assume we know what we are looking for, but sometimes we simply don't know what we are looking for until we stumble across it in a search for something else.

Let me illustrate this point by another example from my embarrassing hobby of philately—this story explains how I came to collect 19th-century postal history.

First, if it is too easy to find something you just don't value it as much.

If diamonds grew on dandelions no one would care about diamonds.

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Pick-up bars were imperfect markets to say the very least.

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