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And, once the images are out there, erasing them is nearly impossible.

I agree not to post information and images that could put me at risk, embarrass me or damage my future, such as cell and home phone numbers, home address, sexual messages and inappropriate pictures or videos.

Technology is great for looking up info quickly and immediately, getting directions, connecting with friends, keeping track of your money and more.

The guideline was drafted to help execute the Middle and Long-Term Youth Development Plan (2016-25).

But this time, instead of being mildly amused/creeped out, we're completely confused and horrified.

Brief background, for those who haven't been obsessing over the story like the rest of the country: Manti Te'o is a star linebacker for Notre Dame, who helped lead them to play in the national championship game.

A US study shows that 41% of teens and young adults have electronically sent sexually explicit images.

Once these pictures are out of your hands, they can be spread everywhere, around your school, in your city, even across the globe in a very short time.

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I will not take anyone’s personal information and use it to damage his or her reputation.