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However, these two have been pretty hush hush about their romance – for obvious reasons!It has been recorded over time that rich women and successful ladies find it difficult to find love in the arms of any decent guy out there.The duo were spotted kissing several times on stage at the Powerhouse concert.Big Sean and Jhené Aiko are probably the most attractive people who have ever gotten together.Aiko wished Big Sean a happy birthday on Instagram the same month her DJ and music producer ex wished her a happy birthday.The two also attended several public events together in 2016, including a basketball game between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers, the i Heart Radio Music Awards and Coachella.Rich and wealthy women are faced with series of challenges and stereotype as the society paints a lot of ill and upsetting picture about them.They are not seen for the success they have acquired but for the arrogance they do not possess.

Of course, the Detroit rhymer will now have the privilege of seeing a reflection of himself in her eyes as well as her elbow.

Rich and wealthy women also faced the risk of falling into the hands of gold diggers and opportunist.

These men just want to leech off these wealthy ladies, living large and growing fat on their hard work and labor.

Although, rich and wealthy women face a lot of challenges when looking for love, there are also some decent men out there who want to date a rich and well to do lady.

Not for their selfish reasons, but for the characteristics and qualities they possess.

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The couple is rumored to have first gotten together when Jhené was still married to her ex-husband, Dot Da Genius.