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Otherkin dating service

One thing the new hosting provider does not provide is IRC service.We're still deciding what to do about that, but the old IRC server should be working for now.It means porting a lot of database procedures to My SQL format which could take awhile, given Kani S's limited free time.

It turned out that the hard drive that failed on the server was only used by the live snapshot backup system and that the main drive is still working after removing the failed drive.

It's pretty cheap to fund a copy for yourself and the author only gets the money if they reach their goal in the next 8 days, so spread the word.

UPDATE: They extended the deadline so you now have about 26 days.

That also means that old members are required to set their preferences, and I apologize that the system will call you a "new member" when you go through that process. There were also dragons in the commercials, and some beautiful birds as well.

What I thought was even cooler was at the end of the closing ceremonies, during the credits on NBC, there was a familiar song... Draconic appeared to be down for most people from Sat morning till sometime Mon because Network Solutions is incompetent.

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UPDATE 12-6: Ragora has set up a new IRC server and will be maintaining it. irc.now points at the new server and our local server will be deactivated in a few days.