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Make no bones about it little bikes are every bit as hard as the larger stuff…as your very own editor found out over the festive break when he tried to liberate a generator from his Yamaha CS3C!Superpower tensions had cooled by the 1970s, with the bellicose US–Soviet confrontations of the 1950s–60s giving way to the policy of "détente", which promoted the idea that the world's problems could be resolved at the negotiating table.

In the United Kingdom, the 1979 elections resulted in the victory of its Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher, the first female British Prime Minister.

The 1970s saw an initial increase in violence in the Middle East as Egypt and Syria declared war on Israel, but in the late 1970s, the situation in the Middle East was fundamentally altered when Egypt signed the Egyptian–Israeli Peace Treaty.

Anwar El Sadat, President of Egypt, was instrumental in the event and consequently became extremely unpopular in the Arab world and the wider Muslim world. Political tensions in Iran exploded with the Iranian Revolution in 1979, which overthrew the Pahlavi dynasty and established an Islamic republic of Iran under the leadership of the Ayatollah Khomeini.

And completing the trilogy of unusual machinery there’s a rare and apparently very tidy Yamaha FZX750 to tempt you.

Machines looking for new homes is also key to Adrian Oliver’s article where he finds he has a trio of Honda CB550s in his garage.

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As the February issue falls onto door mats we still have a goodly number of weeks where the weather is less than ideal for long rides.