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Overly accommodating synonym

First racer to return with a completed manifest wins.Alleycats were first formalized in Toronto, Canada in 1989; however, messengers have been racing against each other for much longer.Either way, if you're getting into the sport and want to know what people are saying, being familiar with these words will help. Riding or going "à bloc" means giving it all you've got, going all out, riding as hard as one possibly can (which can be risky for it leaves one in a state where recovery is needed, and therefore vulnerable to being attacked).Use the [control] [f] keys on your keyboard to find it fast. Example: "I really gave it all in the last kilometers, although I didn't think it was possible until I crossed the line.a 100 mile bike ride, or a metric century which is 100 km.Takes about four and a half or three hours, respectively, on a road bike, if you're in reasonable shape.

A group of riders in a stage race (typically non-climbers and suffering domestiques) who ride together as a group on the mountain stages with the sole intention of finishing within the stage's time limit to allow them to start the next day. on mountain bikes, a technologically backward straight pipe that was otherwise discarded as obsolete in the 19th century.

Alleycat races seek to replicate some of the duties that a working messenger might encounter during a typical day.

The races usually consist of previously undisclosed checkpoints, which are listed on a manifest, that a racer will have to go to; once at the checkpoint the racer will have his/her manifest updated.

For road bikes, a refined component which promotes aerodynamics, body geometry, muscle teamwork, stability, and comfort.1) v.

to ride with reckless disregard to one's equipment, well-being, and/or the ecology of the trail. a term used to describe something that is not good. "It's pretty beat that the yellow trail is closed."n.

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Speeds higher than 60 km/h are to be expected.[11]v.

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