Pisces dating a cancer man

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Pisces dating a cancer man

Imagine a bright sunny day, an open field, and feeling a cool breeze while watching two beautiful roses in full bloom.

He's a man who needs freedom to move about, so the tighter a woman hangs on, the slicker he'll get and harder he'll be to hold.

Theirs is a soulmate bond that transcends the physical.

They are on the same wavelength, the strengths of one strengthens the other, and the harmony between them is so peaceful and flows so well this is a relationship that can last a lifetime. It's the zodiac sign of smoke, mirrors, dreams, schemes, illusions, and mystical, magical things.

Cancer is the picture of empathy and Pisces has great devotion.

This relationship may experience tiffs and disagreements.

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Just like this, the Piscean trait of being helpful to the partner is reciprocated equally by the Cancer woman's trait of organisation and implementation when it comes to family.