Polish dating culture

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The origin of the designation wz.91/98/26 is also blurry but we’ve opted to adopt it in this article to make clear there should be two distinct variants based on the interrupter/ejector.

If anyone has clearer source material please feel free to discuss these designations in the comments below.

The peace treaty at Riga divided Ukraine and Belarus between the two nations.

This left Poles in Soviet territory and many people resentful of Polish rule.

Needless to say, Poland was very concerned with its own military strength.

In fighting to define, expand, and defend its borders we see the Polish Army grabbing up anything they can lay hands on dating back as far as 1867/77 Werndl single shot rifles.

Reuse of the original bolt would have saved some machine time and expense and with this last bit of recycling, only the barrels, barrel bands, and bayonet lugs would have been new production.

Warsaw production appears to be much more descriptive and may display the date of manufacture on the barrel. Unfortunately, our example is either a very early production rifle or was produced by Westinghouse because there are no markings on the tang.The Karabinek wz.91/98/26 represents a complicated series of changes to an original Russian Mosin Nagant m1891.Two distinct factory markings on the few examples available point to production by Arma in Lviv and the Central Weapons Works No. Both facilities appear to have carried out the same processes listed below: It has been stated that new bolt heads were produced for these conversions but we took a pair of calipers and a jewelers magnifier to our example.It utilizes the original, unchanged Mosin Nagant extractor.The bolt face is set back from the Russian example by about the width of the channel that rings the Russian bolt face, implying they were ground down to the channel.

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Markings on these rifles can be very descriptive or absolutely spartan.