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While the country’s online environment remained generally free, it was troubled by a proliferation of fabricated news articles, divisive partisan vitriol, and aggressive harassment of many journalists, both during and after the presidential election campaign.

We are reminded, in just two examples, of the role played by “smearing individuals’ public images” during and after the election and, even more specifically and chillingly, that in March 2017 U. Customs and Border Protection agents “asked Twitter to reveal the owner of an account that objected to [the president’s] immigration policy, and backed off only after the company fought the request in court.” As the examples help underline, the report’s concern about state-sponsored gaslighting extends far beyond the need for fair elections, which involves related factors such as the extreme gerrymandering of districts for partisan gain and voter suppression efforts in heavily minority districts.

The good news is that since the effort is amateurish, it is far less effective then hoped for.

The bad news is that since the effort is intentional and ineffective, and criminal, the intended populations will be divided, and likely increasing hostile to the "other", and in order to avoid prosecution none can testify, thus the lies do become a permanent truth. Is MAN going to be ready for war soon or am I going to have to explain the facts of reality to this singularity Thanks.

Online manipulation and disinformation tactics were found to play “a significant role in elections in the United States and at least 17 other countries,” including Venezuela, Turkey, and the Philippines. Nonetheless, it will be invaluable to citizens and institutions responsible for upholding electoral integrity, in documenting the falsehoods and deceit strategies objectively, with all the necessary precision: The use of “fake news,” automated “bot” accounts, and other manipulation methods gained particular attention in the United States.consortiumnews dot com/2017/06/07/nyts-new-syria-sarin-report-challenged/ The linking of Russia to the DNC email leaks as factual by the Times, Post and NPR without a scintilla of published hard evidence is another example: consortiumnews dot com/2017/07/24/intel-vets-challenge-russia-hack-evidence/ The Post acting as a primary conduit for the Neocon war-mongers to engage in a wasteful and dangerous Cold War 2.0 with Russia: consortiumnews dot com/2017/11/16/stumbling-blindly-into-cold-war-two/ There are many more examples of Type 3 Fake News that could be demonstrated.Much of what claims to be journalism by the MSM including the Post is Fake News trash. Also if you could please stop referring to "fake news", the correct name is "psychological warfare", and it is nothing new.Type 3 Fake News: Important, relevant news that is weakly reported or not reported at all.The cases of Type 3 Fake News are much more egregious.

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