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The damage such disinformation campaigns can wreak is incalculable, and, if current trends continue, looks set to worsen in the coming years. The are various “flavors” of Fake News employed by the Post.

“In the absence of a comprehensive campaign to deal with this threat,” the report concludes, “manipulation and disinformation techniques could enable modern authoritarian regimes to expand their power and influence while permanently eroding user confidence in online media and the internet as a whole” (also see Sunstein and Tufekci). State Department’s Bureau of Democracy..." That is perversely ironic. There are a few brave sources of honest journalism, but even they have been either directly or indirectly targeted by the Elite Nomenklatura: consortiumnews dot com/ The stories found at the Consortium News site will NEVER be replicated in the DC-NY axis of duplicity Washington Post and New York Times. There is Type 1: the obvious – what is claimed as true is actually false.

By extension, technical attacks against “news outlets, opposition, and rights defenders” rose markedly last year and cyber-attacks “became more common due in part to the increased availability of relevant technology, which is sold in a weakly regulated market, and in part to inadequate security practices among many of the targeted groups or individuals.” Against such measures, efforts on the part of Facebook and Twitter to counter targeted disinformation, including by deleting sites and accounts sponsored by state and foreign actors and by introducing fact-checking mechanisms and alerts, have so far proven weak and ineffectual—“way too little, way too late,” according to critics in countries that face the lasting consequences. House Representative and Libertarian politician Ron Paul criticized Freedom House for allegedly administering a U. Pauls comments are only the tip of the iceberg of U. government foreign shenanigans by using NGO's are fronts.

Regulation and tighter security can help, but when governments adopt these strategies to maintain their own nefarious forms of control, workable remedies are in short supply. Wiki posted FH activities related to election interference and subversion: In 2006, the Financial Times reported that Freedom House received funding by the State Department for 'clandestine activities' inside Iran... S.-funded program in Ukraine where "much of that money was targeted to assist one particular candidate." Paul said that "one part that we do know thus far is that the U. About me supporting any political character in Ukraine or anywhere else because I am against covert U.

We used to know them as the “hidden persuaders”—Vance Packard’s now almost quaint phrase from the 1950s for the droves of lobbyists, marketing specialists, and opinion-makers who pulled every trick in the book to get us to buy their products and services or to vote for their candidate. “Governments around the world have dramatically increased their efforts to manipulate information on social media over the past year,” the report notes, with a sharp uptick in at least half the 65 nations studied.

J'espre que ce blog vous apporteras tout l'aide dont vous avez besoin! The good news is that since the effort is amateurish, it is far less effective then hoped for.The bad news is that since the effort is intentional and ineffective, and criminal, the intended populations will be divided, and likely increasing hostile to the "other", and in order to avoid prosecution none can testify, thus the lies do become a permanent truth. Is MAN going to be ready for war soon or am I going to have to explain the facts of reality to this singularity Thanks.Minus the political resolve and commercial will, the prospects for reform are grim. Because many of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) funded by the U. are actually fronts for covert CIA/NSA operations to subvert the political machinery of foreign countries. The MSM Elites will not only not counter rational arguments to their normative propaganda, they will not even acknowledge that counter arguments exist. Newspapers such as the Washington Post and New York Times not only source and fact-check their reports carefully, but also routinely offer an array of counterpoints, most of them rational; as does Freedom House, a nonpartisan watchdog and defender of press freedom and human rights since 1941 that provides plenty of appropriate (and justified) criticism of the U. E.g., the Washington Post Prop Or Not story that it was forced to retract.Division, discord, and hyper-partisanship are easy to stoke in times of heightened distrust and all favor autocratic rule. Freedom House no doubt took their marching orders on report contents from agents in Langley and/or the Pentagon who directed the effort. MSM have been almost completely coöpted by the National Security State and merely serves as a fear-mongering mouthpiece for the interventionist Elites, (MIC, Politicos, Think Tank hacks). Type 2: what is claimed as important, actually isn’t.

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