Priority the dating of scientific names in ornithology

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When an author introduces a new name at a particular rank within the family group, that name can be used at other ranks within the family group as well. For instance, within the ants there are the names Formicoidea, Formicidae, Formicinae and Formicini.

All four of these names have the same author, date and type genus; they only differ in the suffix used for each rank.

Although there are quite a few similarities between the codes, there are also considerable differences and it is beyond the scope of this handout to compare the Zoological Code with the other two in any detail.

However, that specimen still remains the ultimate point of reference for that name.

In family group and genus group names, there are a number of different ways in which a type might be designated and the differences between them are best illustrated by examples (of ant genera).

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The confusion was increased by the proliferation of new species resulting from the growth of Science and the voyages of exploration.