Python error validating verification code Text chat without login

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Python error validating verification code

The Apple Pay certificate you uploaded does not match the key pair we have stored for your account.

Please download a new CSR from the Control Panel and create a new certificate for your Apple Pay merchant ID using this CSR.

CVV will only be required if CVV processing rules are configured to require it.When you create or update a credit card you can set the billing address using full billing address details, or you can set it to a billing address ID of an address already associated to the customer, but not both.When updating a credit card you can omit the token if you don't want to change it, but you can't set it to an empty string.If the rules are configured to require it, then CVV is required when storing a card in the Vault and performing card verification or when creating transactions.Applies when updating a customer and credit card at the same time and specifying the token of the credit card to update.

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Please do not guess the verification code; guessing too many times may delay your verification.

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