Radiometric dating detrital minerals sedimentary rocks gives

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"Relations between provenance and basin are important for hydrocarbon exploration because sand frameworks of contrasting detrital compositions respond differently to diagenesis, and thus display different trends of porosity reduction with depth of burial." All rock exposed at the Earth's surface is subjected to physical or chemical weathering and broken down into finer grained sediment.All three types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks) can be the source of detritus.

Detritus can also be transported and deposited in foreland basins and at offshore fans.To avoid this problem, samples can be collected close to the mountain front, upstream from which there is no significant sediment storage.The development of provenance methods are heavily dependent on the development of these mainstream geological disciplines.The earliest provenance studies were primarily based on paleocurrent analysis and petrographic analysis (composition and texture of sandstone and conglomerate).Similarly, bulk rock geochemistry techniques are applied to interpret provenance linking geochemical signatures to source rocks and tectonic settings.

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ultrastable minerals zircon, tourmaline and rutile). During the transportation, minerals can be sorted by their density, and as a result, light minerals like quartz and mica can be moved faster and further than heavy minerals (like zircon and tourmaline).