Radiometric dating detrital minerals sedimentary rocks gives nichedatingsite com

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Radiometric dating detrital minerals sedimentary rocks gives

The following table has examples of where provenance study samples are collected.

Generally, provenance methods can be sorted into two categories, which are petrological methods and geochemical methods.

In geology (specifically, in sedimentary petrology), the term provenance deals with the question where sediments originate from.

The purpose of sedimentary provenance studies is to reconstruct and to interpret the history of sediment from parent rocks at a source area to detritus at a burial place.

At the same time minerals within the sediment can also be changed chemically, only minerals that are more resistant to chemical weathering can survive (e.g.

To avoid this problem, samples can be collected close to the mountain front, upstream from which there is no significant sediment storage.

The development of provenance methods are heavily dependent on the development of these mainstream geological disciplines.

So zircon grains can survive from multiple cycles of reworking.

This means if the zircon grain is reworked (re-eroded) from a foreland basin (not from original mountain belt source area) it will lose information of reworking (detrital record will not indicate the foreland basin as a source area but will indicate the earlier mountain belt as a source area).

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Then the detritus can be eroded and transported again when flooding or other kinds of eroding events occur. And this process could be problematic to provenance studies.

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