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Liquor Control Board Secures Temporary Order, With Substantial Increases British Columbia w Ql raise it» liquor prices iinnicdiately, Attorney- General Wlsmer announced yester- day, after consultatkm with officials of the Liquor Control Board on the probable effects of Increased t&xa- tion through the Federal budget A temporar^^ order was prepared and passed adding 50 cents to the reputed quart fnr .vpiiitiiou.s liquor.--, and correbpondmg increases all down the line. This action wa.s explauied as temporary, covering the Province in tb« Interim, until a more permau T ent price revision can take place.- M was tacitly admitted that higher prices to the consumer for spirituous and ottier bevera^ would curtail sales by the Liquor Control Board, and so, reduce Provincial revenues. This will however% * Fyr the moment, the board and the Provincial Ooverniiirnt were concerned to anticipate the price changes necessary in various goods handled through vendors' stores throughout tlie Provmce. Empire 4114 Job Printing O ird^ 6341 Edlturui Rooms Eirpl M 4111 Soc UJ Editor Bmpir* 1311 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1939^ -SIXTEEN PAGES BRITAIN CONFIDENT SUBMARINE THREAT WILLBEREMOVED Convoy System Will Soon Be in Full Operation— Prime i Minister THI« Parliament TM Al Ues -—-T^S^rtti Ssyer Make Peace With Governmeill Headed \iy Fuehre r Hitler LONDON, Sept. The communique said that it remains to be seen whether Fuehrer Hitler has decided on "unrestricted" lubmarine opera- tion^ut added this woo M Mtm to bt the case in vtinr of the Smkmg of the Athenia. r«iied "calm confidence" in the Allies' power to erase thrthrtatof Qannany't lubmanne warfare ftom the seas. 14 (CP).— The Ministry of Infor- mation in a communique issued early today, ex- H? in the price list of the board would Inevitably retard sale4 throughout the list of all stockk handled. Poles Battle JQ Halt Nazi Driv& On Capital City ■ • " . entering the country's territorial waters and vlolstlng Its neutrality, the Govern- ment announoed. • Heavy Rains Halt Trains Down South SAN FRANCISCO. 13 (/Ti - Ramstorms, which struck scattered regions of California today, disrupted train service, csused mlnbr damsge to property, but did not seriously liuri crop-; , One p MQB ^aa ' re- .poried mls&lng.

Passengers were taken t Ol M Alll Cles by bus from Needles. IS UPi.—A German army report tonight dalmcd tf'^ Warsaw was complcftely encircled. German forces said that they had wiped out Polish, stancc on one of three fronts defending the city.

BBIK CONil DBBBtf Beer, it was ascertained^ remains on a fixed-price basis to the board, and nb increase in thst price has yet been suggested, officials of the board

The possibility of brew- ers abpart of 11 was suggested, but po decision had yet been made known on the point. liowever, tlierr ap- peared to be no immediate alterna- ttve« Anthony Edei^ whe.^was appointed Dominions* Secretary Isst week, is shewn wallraf ^^owtdng Street en Septfrnbii' 5, carrying s dis- patch case In one hand and a gss mask hanging from his shoulder. Cootinue to Filter Through Neutral Sources — Germans (llaim Successes— Paru Says Armies of Poland Continue Resist- ance— -Wanaw Banks Reported Reopened P K- ..

) the imagination of the liud- lubber, has made her last voyage. The same temperatures were rsglstared at VIetorla-Ctilege. Laming's motor bicycle and the de- fendant's automobile. heading for Monfre:il fn^m England with a full complement of passengers on board, was torpedoed and sunk tqr a submarine. They received treatment In the hospital at immigration quarters. of Sydney, Nil W., one of thase taken to has- piui on arrival. "One woman atripped off her .'klrf and gave It to a eook whp had *onie into the boat wearing only thin imderwear." He said the same woman sat down with the men and pulled at an oar during the seven hours thov* in th Ajj^ts awaited help.

In the' annual Grain Race from Australia, a race which even .stir! AMoaof « u T rrv or tmf ■.««rrv iv « trii mph or JEANETTE ^a^NALO BROADWAY SERENADE Witk unr ATt Bt • Ahs Rf NTrt ' J-f JIt-l ROT f a Viut Self hciuded weather fair or foul, suffering the hardships and indignities of a rusty. nnmplslnfa in fhe hnapt liiat whoienlers and jobbers in ^ some areas are acruniiilat irig abnormal stock.s are being investigated, and prompt mea.sures will be taken- should any ab uses be revo Bled." tuppence a year over his very u-sed to jjpdal all broad par^h, 4a At la.'.t. today recommended that the ask the City Council to deduct from the mayor's 1940 salary aufficient mon^ to pay legal costs Incurred by Chief rooster and other police of Bcials in defending themselves against his charges. Slsai Mbitered--It was discovered early yesterday morning that entry had been gained to the Pantorlum Dye Works -Of Canada, Ltd., at 905 Fort Street, by breaking a i Mge pane of glass on the Mears Street side of the building. Onto Buying Publlo Br Tbt Ccnadlan Preu ' The passing of the five-cent beaker of beer In Quebec, conceded by smaller tavern keepers In Mont- real, today injectrd a nolo of ix\tho.s Victoria's Temperatures — Maxi- mum and minimum temperatures recorded yesterdl^at the Dominion Meteorolocleal Observatory on Oon- zale.s Hill were 66 and 48 degrees, respectively. Coombs for damages arising out of a Qpllisloh at Oovemment and Hum- boldt Streets on May 8 tetween Ux. Every pa.s.senger had his or her perso Twl account, but en this one they all agreed: That the liner Athenia. a Uoc" Iricamln D to help build straight, strong bones and sound teeth. ' Carnation Milk ^ A CANADIAN PRODUCT f/rom Co«»«sf« J Cows* Cmalioa'pua new joy ia (DQo Uii^ dishes callinf for oailk (ioid ntw joy la eating them), and is a money-siiver used for creaming coffee, fruits or cereals. " Ilie Con*- tcotcd Baby" is ttt L Tht big, colorful Carnadoa Cook Bo^ kil Sn. II C»,--The In- formation Ministry disclosed tonight that the United States steamship Black Oeprey was taken Into Wey- hwed to proceed after l U eargo w^a csaralned for contraband.

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However, i,, my reaction Ui the above quoted since she made the error. Xend me IIM to buy a dinner'." Passerby I really don*t think 1 understand you " Panhandler "Oh, Jres. (71it ANNUAL EXHIBITION) SAANICHTON VISITORS' DAY and FORMAL OPENING Wednesday, Sept. BE AN EXHIBITOR _ fri M Lbr, Eiitoy Form AM Fartkubn M«M frtt m Afplkati M t* SICai TAl Y, NORTH AND SOUTH SAANICH AGRICULTURAL SOCKTY, SAANICHTON PO Ph^nf Kcjtmg 24 R Householders Hurry To Purchase Stoc KS -IBef ore Prices Rise Riitb'of Buyl Bf Reported by Storci in Antlclpatipii Of i F aiier i J Tax laerte M— Vawmw Wlu^ Mien Expki B . Brake addressed a crowded meeting of Uie Victoria and District British-Israel Aasociatlcm on "Ttib World Today." The speaker said "there is a time of peace coming after these evil Ideolo- gies have been detroyed." Mrs. Grumbles weite rare, as taxpayers scanned newspapers and e.stlmated where the excise and taxation in- creases would hurt most. probe, having built up a case In hi' own mind and fipdlng, himself at a disadvantage in'ery sip aud every puff help to smash Hl Uerism." r ONSl'MERS PAY Tlic reference wa.s to iiuri»ase of 10 cents a pound in the t Lse duty oh'cpflee under tariffs, increase of 8 to 1$ cents on imported tea, big Jump,s in the dutle.s on liquor, and extra duties on cigarettes and to- bacco, all of which will be pssssd en to the consumer. Drinkers of rye whisky In On- tario and Quebec found the price oh a t wenty-fivc-ounce bottle up 60 to 75 cents, according to the brand. Tlie trained ixrfornianee of Cun- ning's educated dogs and ponies also drew Mg applause. Ootdic J.«and Lady Lei th ^ere ihroiigh early Ovcrwrlt'hta— Victor of War (4).