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Liquor Control Board Secures Temporary Order, With Substantial Increases British Columbia w Ql raise it» liquor prices iinnicdiately, Attorney- General Wlsmer announced yester- day, after consultatkm with officials of the Liquor Control Board on the probable effects of Increased t&xa- tion through the Federal budget A temporar^^ order was prepared and passed adding 50 cents to the reputed quart fnr .vpiiitiiou.s liquor.--, and correbpondmg increases all down the line. This action wa.s explauied as temporary, covering the Province in tb« Interim, until a more permau T ent price revision can take place.- M was tacitly admitted that higher prices to the consumer for spirituous and ottier bevera^ would curtail sales by the Liquor Control Board, and so, reduce Provincial revenues.

This will however% * Fyr the moment, the board and the Provincial Ooverniiirnt were concerned to anticipate the price changes necessary in various goods handled through vendors' stores throughout tlie Provmce.

W I s Urs M "Beau," while Robert Frei- ton li se^ as "Digby." MOENNlfl ATUS PICTURE Appears With Dorothy Lamoor, Edward Arnold Bad Roehceter la "Maa Abovl Towb" Jack Benny's "Man About Town" will open today at the Atlai Tlie- atre, with Dorothy Lamour and Ed- ward Arnold' in ee^stoi Tlnff roles. It is tlie Ghost of onr that creaked In misery, for ages. His pride Was torn, his ir kinnu^- Bttt povtrtjr cars BNd his slde~~ (In Oitef, the l Uetor dwindled). The liability of -the stenmshlp erwrpanv m warehwii*- men for loss of the goods was en- lumced because officials of the com- pany knew of the hazardous con- dition of the wharf and. language, with its ecoentrlcitles« I paradoxes and pcrversiites ! ' "Caddy" Ls tlie rngli.^h corrup- tion of the Malay kati meaning ^pe'•rn^ally -^oat, and 'One - third i Jbundsi It became part and parcel of the English lexicon after fhe influx of Bril Lshcrs Into Asia, where the na- tive tea container, like our quart milk bottles or pound col Tee tins, held Ju M. pos M taxation measure will have on retail prices for food- ituffs and essential commodities. Willows Grouitds — (^n Monday momiog the Federal Government Will take ever the goat, poultry, main, rabbit, womeivvs, "manufacturers', restaurant and horse show buildings at Willows I»ark, according to Mayor Andrew Mo Oavln. Imported Scotches and gins were up 75 cents for twenty oimces. Tonight's horse show programme includes a two-horse team event. Jumping class, and fur^r comeciy presentations Me^l VR-t Se«rb IStli Century Coniele, offering tli« finfst in radto and record cnttrtainmant. but will be held nl CJeneva "when prac- ticable," the Foreign Under-Secre- tary, Richard Butler, told the House of Commons.

North | le Ue Sr-but I think almost all beklgt should have done something about players w Ui egree with mr that R H it Further, ft eeema to me that, o* 4'mm 'TNI IKRIT or A r WAHIM l UAMD 10c . Cbnduding— though this I^ic l Obs A Village of a Rector, A oertain compf nsation throbs-ther companies were tere in the decision. Maitland argued the Merchant Marine Com- pany were llabft* as carriers for tiie cast^dy of the goods as soon a.s tljpy had directed where the goods were to be sent. I'm Just putting a U my begs In one ask It." "TEA CAODYr.^ALA\ »OR ONE AND ONI-THIED POVNM OF IT Strange is this development of. all familiar as indicating a con- tainer for tea, we find a good ex- ample of how our mother tonguo has growa by' petty lareeny. Eff«cto of Waiiig MB Mtget CONJECTURE was rife in Victoria, as elsewhere, yester- day on tht tlffct the Dominion Government's war pur-. Brake also stressed definitely that no one knows the tlme^of our Lord's coming, and no Bi^ish- Israel speak- er of good standbig or intelligence ever lays so, — Men Missing— The Dominion Im- mlgratlon^Department informed the police yesterday that John R. An attitude that found favor with James Bray, sevehtem, Loch Monar at Victoria. Engineers Meet — In the event of property or street damage throutjh war '., municipal engineers of Greater Victoria will oo-operate Tradesmen Wanted — The Depart- tacnt ttf Ustikmat mtfmrt hsi sn- nouneed that tt M Mlowlng trades- men are wanted for the Royal Cana- dian Ordinance Corps: Flrst-cla-ss machinists and fitters, between the age* of elglxteen and thirty years, British Standsrd,''^ra possible eu Hailmei It of buying " ^ He said the t/f hw.se- wlves in the price, of fish would range from one to three eenls per one-pound ran. Canadian Scotches wer^ 60 cents higher for twenty-six-ounce bottles. SPECIAL FEATUBB As a special feature, a parade of prlse-witmlng stallions at the fair was staged in the ring during the evening, and the leading colt of Western Oanfda fairs was alao shown. .11 \M V, I r UON* day that the Japanese were increasmg pressure on British and French military offl- ria U to gain aereiyanoe of Japan'.s for withdrawal of the Allies' armed forces from China to view of the war in Europe. 13 (CP).— Sessions of the League of Nations Council and Assembly Have been tndeflnltely postponed of the war.

I A high command — cen Mnunlque B-v-erted that "enormous numbers " of prl";oners were captured In a battle endins; Polish re.slstance-Sbuth oi Radom, about sixty miles south of Walt Saw.

I Althou Rh the armv report did not elaborate on War.saw's encirclement, Continaed en Page t, Celppm S POLISH BOMBERS HELD IN RUSSIA MOSCOW. 13 (i T-i.- Tass Soviet official news agency, reported that a number of Polish bombine planes today had flown over the Russian frontier and that four were forced down by Sooviet planes and thehr crews detained.

Three planes crossed (he frontier, near Mozyr, White Russia, and their crews totaling twelve men, were held. Ilghtcrs was among a group which flew o Ver the border In the tntralne.

The , twln she would make her own decision on her role in the war and would define It gradually. 1 3i 10 1 31 3 1 14 M) 7)130 5« 4 0 ucverii were: Irving A.

Passengers were taken t Ol M Alll Cles by bus from Needles. IS UPi.—A German army report tonight dalmcd tf'^ Warsaw was complcftely encircled. German forces said that they had wiped out Polish, stancc on one of three fronts defending the city. / • • ■• Retort Courteous A stalwart young man of about twcnt\-five \car.s of nt'c strolled along the city's ■'Fleet Street" to peruse the latest newspi^wr war bulletin.s. "I'm going to be patrl4)tlc and spend my holi- day at home, • our tobacconist friend remarked. But until they And good, solid chunks of meat on which to bite and tlien digest Into writings of hard fact Instead-trf^ much vague, spumey thesis, I sug- ggs t th ey grub their noses deep into the ewth— into the stuff they're really close to and might possibly underst Anri^tii^r.^ June Storey, pptite blonde who appears opposite Gene Autry In Re- public's "Home on the Prairie," which will open today at the Co- lumbia Theatre, is not a defenreles.s woman when it comes to the gentle art of self-defence. Morgan Wallace and Guy Usher head the inipportlng cast. Sept 13 The ja t SBis n t ts w le ln fl is t "while complaints are still coming in froth various localities, it Is evi- dent, that the buyers' panic, wlilch has created chaotic conditions In connection with the s Op ply o f au g ar, is now suhsldinp" Tlie board said that deliveries by Canadian refiners to all of customers In Canada dur Uig ,the sis weeks ending yesterday were morf^ than 192 000 000 |X)unds. IS SCHEDULED TRIPS DAILY SPECIAL Tftl PS BY ARRANOBMENX Island Freight Service, Ltd. Phr'o johnmn SPORTSMEN HUNTING COATS AND VESTS, WATER- PROOF CLOTHING. Despite frequent aasuranoes that there would be no shortage of s Ugar here, once the refineries were able to catch up with the abnormal de- mand, housewives were still clamor- ing for sugar yesterday, and had to be content with small lots, many storekeepers being forced to limit the amount they would sell to any one customer to two pounds. Emergency btmks were built, but many had to .^le« p on Ww floors. Sylvia and six-year-old Cynthia Bahy doing '^j Cicndidly on the Carnation Milk formula ptcscrilwd Igr the doctor — and Irradiated Carnation y Milk a .splendid food for babies. Here we sit, smugly airlngj Mir views; propouivd- ing deep propheciet; citing the sate sayings of the "Greater Mouths " as if they were our maciincent and veor ele««r Qm; raking up ancient h Lstory and prlnciple.s and foolltfll^ ^8 round using and applying them in hopes that we CMAPOQf the Public into thinking that a deep ring of authen- ticity and wisdom emanates from our own frothy promulgations — in m hel- -^^i^Or^^ cordons ofl Canadian and American newspaper- men who have never scratched one I tibic centimetre of foreign sou with their big toes, are not only shower- ing their unasked-for 'spoutings' upon the heads of th e Common People, but alao upon Kings. Their sole excuse is la L-k of tlie vital, tangible thmgs tiiai they are so eagerly expecting. f Udiaff I But, ymn Inersaasd Ms passing plight; No pennies fell from Heaven— But babies, iat-aad every night Tl M Rector ti Mked la RUN ON SUGAR JS Wartime Board Rcportt Some Sections Still Affect- ed—Ontario QQfnplains OTTAWA. His soul was * rent ' " — Twlxt avarice and .sorrow - (Yet, to the Cycle-works he went, Right early, on the morrowt) LWVOnt Alas! "You eaa run off a frttole edition end Cna w6nt mind." the In- To Aiy Poiit M the Island - SHIP BY TRUCK We Opcran on . City stores reported a heavy rush of buying yesterday morning before the Btorea were cl OMd for the half- holklay, and the crowds waiting at the counters were almost as lilg aa Xhmr to be im Stmr^itt- Chrifitmaa period. to the ship- wrecked per.sons; the captain's room.s were placed at the disposal of ten ynlted States women. Mae Fbeii Boa; vp on Rob Roy, in the 'Vancouver Island Jumping Sweei Mtake, highlighted last night's 9orss fl Biow programme of the Braet BOlal Bsbtbitlen at ^e Willows. Never mindl Do not fee down-hearted; all these may be removed safely, positively and absolutely— and ttie cost will b« within your saeans, so do not suffer the torture I of miserf Me s Mfs orte moment longer— It Is such a drawbark. in the price list of the board would Inevitably retard sale4 throughout the list of all stockk handled. Poles Battle JQ Halt Nazi Driv& On Capital City ■ • " . entering the country's territorial waters and vlolstlng Its neutrality, the Govern- ment announoed. • Heavy Rains Halt Trains Down South SAN FRANCISCO. 13 (/Ti - Ramstorms, which struck scattered regions of California today, disrupted train service, csused mlnbr damsge to property, but did not seriously liuri crop-; , One p MQB ^aa ' re- .poried mls&lng.

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Empire 4114 Job Printing O ird^ 6341 Edlturui Rooms Eirpl M 4111 Soc UJ Editor Bmpir* 1311 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1939^ -SIXTEEN PAGES BRITAIN CONFIDENT SUBMARINE THREAT WILLBEREMOVED Convoy System Will Soon Be in Full Operation— Prime i Minister THI« Parliament TM Al Ues -—-T^S^rtti Ssyer Make Peace With Governmeill Headed \iy Fuehre r Hitler LONDON, Sept.

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